Do you have a drooping nasal tip? That’s one of the most common symptoms of old age, where the tissues in the nose get weaker from the passage of time and start allowing the tip of the nose to droop.

A drooping nose is medically known as a nasal ptosis. This is one of the most common facial problems men and women face, and a rhinoplasty is just the ticket to fixing it safely, quickly, and without complications.

Trauma and age can both cause a weakening of the nasal tip to make it sag and droop. A rhinoplasty addresses this by dividing the septum muscle then providing support to the nasal tip cartilage so that it can stand higher on the nose.

Cutting the depressor septi nasi muscle or deconstructing the lower lateral cartilages to provide support to the nasal tip can also help. Surgeons can shorten the septum and place a cartilage graft to provide support where the natural tissues have failed.

They use scalpels and incisions to trim the upper edge of the nose cartilage and provide the perfect nasal rotation to make the nose look as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Men might find nasal tips standing at 90 degrees to look the most attractive, and women might find that a slight upward rotation is all that it takes to give them a winning smile. Consult a doctor today to see if a rhinoplasty is the solution for you.