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Beautiful skin does not happen naturally. Despite what anyone might tell you, looking good is hard work. To maintain the appearance of healthy, smooth, beautiful skin, you will need not just the right products but the right knowledge of how to use them. Armed with this knowledge, you can ensure that you know how to tackle any skin problems that may come your way.

Depending on your location, daily lifestyle and intensity of daily activities, your skin can react in various ways. A more intense lifestyle that sees the production of more sweat will require a different skin care regimen from that a person who is not that active.

Similarly, the weather is another factor in determining how the skin should be treated. Your summer skin routine will be more focused on sunscreens and light lotions, while winter regimens require stronger moisturizers that leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

The kind of skincare product you use also changes depending upon the location you are applying them to. Any prevalent skin conditions will also need to be factored in as well. A person with acne or freckles will have to select products that are well suited to their skin type.

On that note, people have different kinds of skin. Some have drier skin, some have more oily skin. Some people have more hair follicles on their body and some fewer. The products you buy will have to be optimized to the needs and requirements of your body, the weather, and any underlying skin condition you already have.

When it comes to skincare products, there are three brands you can turn to. For quality products that are approved by dermatologists and proven to be effective in providing smooth, clear skin, turn to EltaMD, SkinMedica, and ZO Skin Health.

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EltaMD, SkinMedica, and ZO Skin Health

Not all the brands you will find at your local drug store will necessarily suit your requirements. Even though they are marketed as effective beauty treatments, they may not always work with your specific skin type.

Turning to brands that are more medically inclined in their approach to skin care can resolve a lot of skin problems and ensure that you look young and vibrant. EltaMD, SkinMedica, and ZO Skin Health take into consideration the need for specialized skin care while also ensuring medical efficacy in providing beautiful skin.

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EltaMD is a broad-spectrum brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists. Their products utilize zinc oxide in their formulas, so the effects of using any product by EltaMD leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. With sunscreens ranging between SPF 30 and 50, they have something for everyone.

SkinMedica is another brand that utilizes the benefits of research and product development to present a range of skin care products designed to gently beautify and rejuvenate the skin. They have created sunscreen, moisturizers, and many other products while keeping in mind the needs of different skin types.

ZO Skin Health is a brand that produces skin care products designed to fight the appearance of dermatological problems such as acne and inflammation of the skin. Even skin conditions related to aging can be addressed using products from this brand.


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