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Scar Revision

After a major injury has healed, scar tissue forms in the area. If the wound, surgical or non-surgical, does not heal properly, the scar may form in a way that is very obvious and unsightly.

Sometimes even a scar that heals properly can look bad. This is dependent on the size of the scar, the type of the wound, and the area where it happened. A scar can appear raised or depressed, which attracts attention to it.

Besides its unsightly appearance, a scar can also be an unwanted reminder of the cause of the injury, so even if you have physically healed, the sight of the scar could make your mental healing process slower.

Scar revision is a treatment that attempts to even out a scar and make it less conspicuous, often through blending it with the surrounding skin tone and texture.

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Scar Revision Options

Scar revision can be treated in many ways. The proper treatment method will be chosen depending on several factors, including the depth and type of the scar. The main options for scar treatment are topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, and a full surgical scar revision procedure.

Ointments are used to reduce the appearance of mild scars, and silicone-based creams, gels, and bandages often reduce scar visibility. Sometimes filler injections are used to reduce the depressions in the skin caused by scars.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can also work well, as can laser scar removal. Laser treatment uses high energy light that can remove or reshape areas affected by the scar tissues. There are many types of laser techniques available for different kinds of scars.

However, certain harsh scars need surgery for best results. Scars that are long, wide, and very apparent can only be revised with surgery.

Good Candidates for Scar Revision

The ideal candidate for scar revision should have realistic expectations of the results and should be:

  • A non-smoker
  • Physically healthy
  • Free of skin diseases in the treatment area
no smiking

Scar Revision Surgery – Techniques

Scar revision surgery often produces the best results on severely scarred areas.

Depending on the kind of surgery your surgeon chooses, you will either be given local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Layered closure is used when scar tissue to be treated is below the skin surface or in high-movement areas. Layers are closed from bottom-most layer to the top, with soluble or non-removal sutures used in each layer.

More advanced methods are also used sometimes, like complex flap closures or W- or Z-plasty techniques. Flap closures have the ability to reposition the scar to an inconspicuous lesser-movement requirement area and allow more flexibility of movement. This hides the scar effectively.

Another procedure that requires multiple surgeries but can work well on severe scars is tissue expansion. In this procedure, a tissue expander (a type of inflatable balloon) is placed under the skin close to the scar.

The expander is filled with sterile solution over time, which expands the healthy skin area. Once it expands to the desired amount, the expander is removed and the healthy expanded skin is placed over the scar.

It needs to be noted that while the scars can be made almost invisible, they do not go away completely.


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