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Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe repair is a very common procedure in the arena of cosmetic surgery. The procedure can be undertaken by those who feel that their earlobes don’t look as good as they would like. This can be caused by congenital defects in the ear, including oversized ears or undersized ears.

There are also many who suffer an injury to the earlobe and then decide to go under the knife to correct the damage. Damage to the earlobe can be caused by earrings that are very heavy, creating sagging stretched-out earlobes. Incidents can also cause physical trauma to the area, such as sports injuries, leading to tears in the earlobe. Although earlobe tears are commonly found in women, there have been many cases of earlobe tears in men as well.

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Post-Surgical Care Directions

Generally, the patient is allowed to go home as soon as the procedure has been completed. No pressure should be applied to the ear at this time, and the patient should ensure that the wound is dressed so that it heals properly.

After around one week, swelling in the surgical area will have subsided. At this point, stitches may be removed during a follow-up appointment. It is important to go for follow-up visits with the doctor so that the doctor is able to address any issues that occur.

Earrings should be avoided for some time, as wearing them during the healing process could result in an ear infection. The ear is usually ready for a new piercing in six to eight weeks.

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Surgical Repair

One way to repair earlobes is with the help of precise surgery. For partial earlobe tearing and for earlobe stretching, immediate surgical correction is an option. For treatment of a split earlobe, the injury will need to heal on its own before surgery can be used to correct it.

Surgical earlobe repair can require around one hour to perform. At the start of the procedure, local anesthesia is used to numb the ear of the patient, helping to prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

The surgical technique used during the procedure will depend on the exact nature of the issue. When earlobes are stretched beyond their normal proportions and are sagging, careful removal of skin at the site will be necessary.

When the earlobe is split, this will require use of medical sutures to reconnect the split sides. The fatty tissue inside the lobe, the inner layers of skin, and the outer layers of skin will all have to be reconnected appropriately in this way. Surgical removal of the damaged ear piercing tract will be necessary.


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