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eMatrix Skin Resurfacing

Skin damage is something everyone has to live with. Exposure to the sun, genetic and hereditary factors, diet and lifestyle – any and all of these factors can contribute towards dermatological problems. There are a wide variety of treatments available on the market that can treat skin conditions, and the eMatrix skin resurfacing treatment is one of the best options you can get.

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Why Choose the eMatrix Skin Resurfacing Treatment?

With so many options available on the market, why choose this method over another? A non-invasive and non-ablative procedure, the FDA-approved eMatrix skin resurfacing treatment ensures that your skin is rejuvenated while minimizing downtime and improving the condition of the skin.

A variety of dermatological conditions, such as fine lines and wrinkles, can be reduced through this method. The skin is made to appear even tighter, and you are left with smooth and blemish-free skin.

The bipolar radiofrequency energy works beneath the surface of the skin. In this process, there is very minimal damage to the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). Because of this, the recovery time for this treatment is very short.

Your skin’s appearance gets better with each treatment. The end results are beautiful skin that is meant to endure. The production of new collagen also stimulates the tightening of the skin, and this can work to counteract the effects of aging on the skin.

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eMatrix Skin Resurfacing

The eMatrix skin resurfacing technique minimizes the appearance of skin issues, including scars left behind from the appearance of acne, stretch marks, and even discoloration from sun damage.

Normally, procedures that target layers of the skin under the outer layer use lasers to reach the chromophores responsible for scarring, discoloration, or skin damage. A chromophore is that part of the skin molecule that is responsible for providing color to the area.

The eMatrix skin resurfacing procedure uses radiofrequency energy to reach these chromophores instead of laser energy. Also known as sublative rejuvenation, this treatment projects pulsed radiofrequency energy to the target areas. The energy reaches deep within the layers of the skin, stimulating the healing process. New collagen is also produced using this method. The production of collagen enhances the healing by remodeling the skin to be clear and blemish free.

In this method, the cells and tissues surrounding the targeted areas are not damaged, making the treatment especially safe. The procedure takes only fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. However, depending upon the severity of your skin condition, it can take slightly longer.

In order to complete the whole process, you will need to undergo the procedure around three to four times. Results are usually immediately visible after a treatment, and you will see your skin improving with each consecutive treatment.


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