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Breast Surgery Revision


Breast revision surgery is commonly performed in order to alter the size and type of breast implant or to correct complications resulting from a primary breast surgery. It can involve removing or replacing the original saline or silicone implants.

When Would One Need a Breast Revision Surgery?

There are a wide variety of reasons why a woman would come in for breast revision. The following are some of these situations:

  • When the implant has deflated (saline)
  • When the implant has a leak (silicone)
  • When one wishes to change the size of the implants
  • When there is rippling in the skin of the breasts
  • When capsular contracture is present, causing feelings of stiffness and discomfort
  • When there is weight loss and the breasts look saggy with the implants
  • When there is weight gain and it has negatively affected the position of the implants
  • When the breasts are poorly positioned as a result of implant placement
  • When the positions of the areolae and nipples are unsatisfactory after the primary breast surgery

Scheduling Your Consultation

Speak with our surgeons during a consultation at our office to plan out your breast revision surgery. To make your appointment for a consultation, contact us today, call (480) 948-8400.


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Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for a breast revision surgery procedure are women who are in good health, not pregnant or nursing, and are dissatisfied with their current breast implants. The main reasons that patients choose to have breast augmentation revision are bad breast implants and surgical complications.

Not everyone is suitable for breast revision surgery, and you must be a non-smoker or quit smoking prior to surgery. Similarly, alcohol use or drug use are prohibited, as these can cause surgical complications. Certain medication such as anti-histamines should also be avoided. Make sure to get a comprehensive list of what you can or cannot do prior to your surgery.

no smiking

Various Uses of Breast Revision Surgery

Implant replacement: If you want an increase in implant size, our surgeons can surgically enlarge the space in the breast pocket to make space for a larger implant. The old implants are removed and new ones are inserted in their place. If the breast size needs to be reduced, the size of the breast pocket is made smaller using sutures and then the implants are exchanged for smaller ones.

Implant malposition: Implant malposition is a condition where the implants are placed too far apart from each other, too close to each other, or just in regions that are not aesthetically pleasing, making the breasts look poorly positioned. The implants are removed and the breast pockets are reconstructed using sutures and additional tissue. The implants are then inserted back into the pockets in a way that is more pleasing.

Implant rippling: This is the condition where the edges of the implants are visible in the form of skin rippling. It can be corrected by repositioning the breast implants or moving them to a different breast pocket where there is more tissue covering the implant.

Repositioning of nipples/areolae: Sometimes, the nipples and areolae are too far down on the breasts and need to be elevated. Revision surgery is used for this purpose. When the lifting of areolae is minor, a small incision will suffice. But when they have to be moved more, an incision is made all the way around the areola, along with a vertical incision.

Most revision surgeries involve the creation of an incision on the previous incision scar in order to prevent further scarring. This also makes the repositioning of implants easier.

Recovery After Revision Surgery

The recovery after the revision surgery may have the same requirements as that of the primary breast surgery. There may be a degree of temporary pain and swelling in the operated area. A surgical bra needs to be worn in this case to reduce swelling and bring the breasts to the proper shape. There can also be a temporary loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples.

The patient shouldn't do any heavy physical work during the recovery process, as this may affect the positioning of implants and cause the breasts to swell.


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