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Thigh Lift


As people age, they experience many aesthetic issues. Thankfully, a number of these can be solved with the help of modern cosmetic procedures. Some people find that the thighs are the most stubborn parts of the body when it comes to losing excess fat and tightening sagging skin, and these can be contoured with the help of a thigh lift procedure.

Despite diet regulation and exercise, the thighs often refuse to shed weight. Even after surgical methods of losing weight, the thighs will still have excess fat and drooping skin. These issues can make people look heavy and odd. They can also make people look disproportionate, especially when the right clothes are not worn.

The thigh lift is the best option for people dealing with sagging thighs. It is an excellent and effective way to get a firmer and more attractive shape for the upper legs. A thigh lift is a procedure where the excess skin and fat are removed to give the thighs a toned and even look.

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Good Candidates for the Thigh Lift

If you have thighs that sag and you want to recontour them, you may be an ideal candidate for the thighplasty procedure. You will need to maintain an ideal weight so as to preserve your results. Chronic conditions like diabetes could hamper your condition and your recovery might take a lot of time, so it is best to be in good health if you are considering this procedure. It is also important to maintain good health after the procedure.

You must stop smoking before you come in for this procedure, since smoking can compromise your surgical process and recovery period. It is also important to avoid taking NSAIDs before your surgery, as these medications can cause excessive bleeding. Certain herbal supplements can also cause this issue. Speaking with your surgeon about this before your procedure is the best way to ensure a complication-free surgery.

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The Thigh Lift Procedure

There are many ways that surgeons can perform a thigh lift. Your surgeon will decide on the techniques to be used after your consultation. During your consultation, they will review your concerns and then design a surgical plan to fulfill your needs and aesthetic goals.

At the start of the procedure, anesthesia will be used to numb the patient to any pain or discomfort. Incisions will then be made in the thighs. The location and pattern of each incision will vary depending on the type of thigh lift being used. Inner and outer thigh lifts each have their own incision patterns.

Once the surgeon has made the incisions, excess skin and fatty tissue will be removed in order to recontour the region, making the thighs look fit and trim. The skin will be redraped, and then the incisions will be closed with medical stitches.

The Healing Process

During the healing process, patients should take some time off of work in order to prevent complications, typically several weeks. Avoiding physically taxing activities is key for a safe and comfortable recovery. Patients will be wearing an elastic post-surgical garment on the thigh area in order to help to the skin better conform to the new contours of the thigh. This garment will also serve to reduce post-surgical swelling and bruising.


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