Jennifer Geoghegan, MD, FACS

Jennifer Geoghegan, MDThere are two questions that people always ask me: “How do you pronounce your name?” and “Why did you become a plastic surgeon?” The surname Geoghegan is Irish in origin and is pronounced “Gay-gan.” My reasons for becoming a plastic surgeon take a little longer to explain.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field – I just didn’t know which specialty I wanted to pursue. At first, I thought I would become a heart surgeon, because the idea of saving someone’s life really resonated with me. Later on, I spent some time in obstetrics. Bringing new lives into the world was an amazing feeling. Then I started spending time with a pediatric surgeon and felt like I’d found something that I really wanted to invest my time in.

My mentor at the time suggested I try a plastic-surgery rotation. I was hesitant at first because I thought I had already found my path, but by the third day, I was hooked. With plastic surgery came variety, something I loved. Other specialties seemed to have a very narrow focus, but plastic surgery felt like it offered endless options.

We performed operations on men and women of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Each area of the body offered new possibilities. We performed cosmetic procedures, but we also corrected congenital anomalies, removed cancerous lesions, reconstructed breasts, and helped those who had been harmed in accidents. With plastic surgery, every procedure is a new challenge and a chance to help someone new.

At our beautiful office located near 96th St. and Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale, AZ, our goal is to provide you with the personalized care you deserve. We can take the time to talk about your needs and concerns, and we can formulate a personalized treatment plan that will provide you with your ideal results. Everyone has unique needs and beauty goals. We offer a diverse array of aesthetic treatments in order to ensure that we can provide our patients with the care they need.

Choosing to undergo surgery is not always an easy decision, but the benefits that surgery offers can make a world of difference.

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