Botox Scottsdale

Botox is most likely the first name you think of when it comes to reducing wrinkles. Botox injections have proven to be one of the best options for reducing the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and small folds. Instead of focusing on the skin, Botox focuses on treating the primary cause of […]

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

Do you have a noticeable double chin that won’t respond to dieting and exercising? When it comes to fat under the chin, there may not be a lot in the area, but even a small amount can give a person’s face an unattractive appearance. Liposuction used to be the best option for targeting fat under […]

Rhinoplasty Scottsdale

The Rhinoplasty procedure (aka Nose Surgery or “Nose Job’) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that has helped countless men and women to achieve the aesthetic and/or functional improvements they desire. There are a number of cosmetic issues that people have with their nose from the overall size being disproportionate to the rest of their features, […]

Brow Lift Scottsdale

As we get older, a lot of people start to notice lines, creases, and wrinkles in the brow. The forehead is often one of the first places people notice signs of aging such as horizontal and vertical creases, and sagging in the brow. The Brow Lift procedure is performed through an incision hidden inside the […]

Brachioplasty Scottsdale

The Brachioplasty procedure, also called an Arm Lift, is a body contouring procedure that has helped many people rejuvenate their upper arm appearance. As we get older, we start to notice changes in virtually every area of our body–the sagging, creases, and wrinkles that make us look older–though sometimes these signs of aging can set […]

Face Lift Scottsdale

The Face Lift procedure (also known as a “Rhytidectomy”) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can rejuvenate the facial appearance by reducing unwanted signs of aging in the lower portion of the face and neck. Common complaints that may be improved through a face lift procedure include: fallen fat, jowls, loose or sagging skin, and […]

Rhinoplasty: How Long Will It Take to Recover?

Rhinoplasty is capable of providing some pretty amazing results. The thing is, in order to accomplish these results, cartilage may need to be trimmed and bones may need to be fractured or shaved. All this work can be pretty intense on the nasal tissues, which can cause some significant and deep swelling. The recovery process […]

The Easy Thing You Can Do to Take Care of Your Skin

Let’s be honest, skin care can be hard. There are so many products and treatments out there that simply don’t work for certain people, even if they provide great results for others. Instead of worrying over which products to buy, you should focus on the little things you can do to care for your skin. […]

Do You Wish You Looked Better in Your Jeans?

Do you have a hard time finding jeans that fit well and look good? If you have thighs with large amounts of excess fat and loose excess skin, it can be incredibly hard to find pants that you feel good wearing and look good in. A thigh lift offers a way to tone and tighten […]

Do You Have Loose Flaps of Skin on Your Upper Arms?

Do you have loose flaps of skin hanging from your upper arms? This is a common aesthetic issue known as “bat wings.” This issue can make it difficult to feel comfortable in certain clothing and can negatively impact your self-esteem. At Spectrum Plastic Surgery, we have a procedure that can get rid of the loose […]

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